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Welcome to Cupid Chemical & Toilet Products

Cupid Chemical is the market leader in Depilatories/Hair Removers for the last 60 years. Cupid means "God of Love" symbolizing that one should love himself First & to be loved by all. Today cupid is a household name through its well established brands Rootex & Neet (Reg. Trade Marks) in the retail & wholesale market across India & abroad.

The success of the co. lies in the hard work/ dedication and a vision shown by its founder Late Sh. HARI KRISHAN KHOSLA who gave his full life to establish the company and making its brands a house hold names for quality and service.

The products are manufactured with all modern machines with the able guidance of qualified technical staff as per the government norms and specifications/Regulations.

Our quality products with prompt delivery have earned us a huge reputation with our clients spread all across the India and abroad. We take utmost care in satisfying our clients & meticulously understand their requirements and incorporate their feedback.

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Neet Cream
Hair Remover with Moisturiser

Neet Neet Young Skin Quality Cream Hair Remover has been manufactured with utmost care to dissolve the hair with no pain or irritation on normal skin. Its gentle but fast-acting formula reaches the root of the hair, under the skin, and dislodges it so that it can be easily...

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New Rootex
Hair Remover

Rootex New Rootex Hair Remover is a unique scientific preparation to remove hair safely and completely. Absolutely non-irritant, it dissolves hair from below the skin level and thus leaves no stubbles or ugly marks on the skin...

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Perfumed Pure pomade

Neet A perfumed soap that makes the skin valves smooth. Absolutely harmless...

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